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My birthday was…

Full of lots of love and happiness. People came together just for me and I love that! I realized just how loved I am and that maybe things just need to be this way right now, and that’s okay.

Learned about labyrinths. That was really cool. There is one not to far from where I live that I can meditate in.

We painted and my painting turned out okay. It was fun and not even an issue to me that we were in a bar, mainly because it was a studio that served drinks not a bar that offered painting.

Talked about what’s been going on with my people and boy, did I need that. I miss my Thursday nights dearly. This is the longest I’ve gone without some kind of weekly meeting; I don’t like the CR at my church. But, I didn’t like CoDA at first either so who knows.

Honestly, I sincerely have my therapist from university to thank me for that. I didn’t realize it at the time but he was continuing his service in his program that way. I frequently wonder if he thinks of me/wonders how I’m doing. Would he be proud of me? Would he be surprised at what happened with my family?

I’ve been writing in a little journal I keep in my purse. I respond/reflect to the recovery meditations of the day. I also wrote prayers in them. I’m hoping I can make it to the next steps in recovery this way.

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At any given moment you have the power to say “This is NOT how the story’s going to end.”

Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
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Today I enter a new decade in my life.

I’m starting this decade free. Free of…

- cigarettes
- booze
- drugs
- a break up
- college
- abusive people in my life

I’m starting this decade in an abundance of…

- success
- good health
- love
- support

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